Thursday, July 01, 2010

Tax on tanning salons effective today

A 10% federal tax on tanning salons, which was part of Obamacare, begins today. It will put many tanning salons out of business.

I can't understand where the federal government--OK, actually Democrats--think they have the Constitutional authority to tax individual businesses in an effort to regulate practices they think are unhealthy.

If they get away with this, what is to keep them from taxing other businesses that provide risky services. For example, why not tax companies that sell products related to sun tanning on the beach? Why not tax extreme sports companies? Why not assess an extra tax on companies that sell twinkies, cupcakes, pop, chips, cheeseburgers, hot dogs--or any of a million things that Congress decides is unhealthy?

Under the Obama administration we are seeing our freedom being systematically dismantled.

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