Thursday, July 15, 2010

Racism, TEA Parties and the Left

The Left regularly condemns the TEA Parties as racist regardless of the fact that little solid evidence can be produced to support such a charge. True, a Congressman said that racist language was hurled his way as he walked through a TEA Party demonstration but although a $100,000 reward has been offered for any video of this, no one has come forward, in all likelihood because it never happened.

But suppose it did. Suppose there were some racists in the TEA Parties. First, it would be very difficult to know for sure whether they were really supporters of the TEA Party rather than Leftists using “Saul Alinsky tactics” in an effort to discredit the TEA Party.

But let’s assume there are some genuine racists in the TEA Party. The Left has used this tiny fringe (that may or may not exist) to brand the entire TEA party as racist. I find this fascinating (Ok, disgusting, really).

In 911 Islamic terrorists slaughtered nearly 3,000 innocent Americans while thousands of Muslims cheered in the streets in the Middle East. In Iraq a brutal dictator slaughtered his people by the thousands but when America (rightly or wrongly) worked to set up a Democracy there in which Iraqis could have freedom, thousands of Muslims fought to the death to ensure that their fellow Iraqis did not get this freedom. The same thing is now going on in Afghanistan.

Thousands of Muslims all over the world protest (and issue death threats) when someone publishes cartoons about Muhammad. Entire countries (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, et al.) oppress women—sometime violently.

Indeed, in some Muslim countries, Muslims would literally be risking their lives just to convert away from Islam. Those who advocate violence in the name of Islam may be a minority, but that minority numbers in the millions (and often, the object of their violence is other Muslims)!

And yet, Americans who use terms like Jihadist, Islamist or Islamic extremist to distinguish peaceful Muslims from those who support violence, are often branded by the Left as racists or Islamophobes.

In other words, the Left doesn’t want us to use terms like Jihadist or Islamist to refer to the millions of Muslims who support violence, because that supposedly implies that all Muslims are violent, and yet the Left is more than willing to use a handful of racists in the TEA Party (who may or may not exist) to label the entire movement as racist!

If the TEA Parties are really so racist, how is it that members of the African American, Hispanic and Asian communities feel right at home at TEA Party protests? In fact, if the TEA Parties are really so racist, how is it than an Asian-American like Michele Malkin or an African-American like Star Parker could be so adored by members of the TEA Party?

It is very telling that the NAACP recently condemned racism in the TEA Parties but failed to condemn racism in the Black Panthers controversy over intimidation of white voters.

Let’s be clear. At their core, the NAACP, Jeremiah Wright followers, the Black Panthers (old or new), the Nation of Islam, etc. are really just about “black supremacy,” and black supremacy is just as despicable and every bit as heinous as white supremacy.

In fact, groups like the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers really share the same basic motivation as those in the KKK—irrational hatred. Their differences are only skin deep.

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St.Lee said...

Ironically, they not only share the same motivation, but they will eventually share the same eternal destination.

Having attended several TEA Party events, I can tell you from personal experience that often a high percentage of the featured speakers are non-whites. But they are conservatives, and in most cases they also point out that they are Christians. And the crowds LOVE them!