Monday, July 19, 2010

Racism in the USDA?

She didn't do all she could for him because he was white? She brought him to one of "his kind."

So much for Dr. King's dream that one day people would be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.

If she had been white, she would be the lead story of every media outlet in the country. She would also be looking for a new job today.

UPDATE: In the news this morning (7/20): To their credit the NAACP has now condemned this woman's racism. She has now been forced to resign.

UPDATE 2: The USDA lady in this story is Shirley Sherrod. The video is very damning but there is apparently more to the story.

Ms. Sherrod was describing something that happened 24 years ago, before she even worked for the U.S.D.A.! She was apparently describing her own transition from from racism, to understanding that poverty is not about race. She says if the entire speech had been shown, this point would have been clear.

It would be nice if the entire speech were on tape (perhaps it is) but until that time, I think we need to give Ms. Sherrod the benefit of the doubt--especially since the point she is now making is actually hinted at on the YouTube clip.

Ms. Sherrod should not have been fired for describing how she personally--24 years ago!--came to see that poverty is not about race. So until further evidence comes forward--My sincere apologies to Ms. Sherrod for implying that she is racist.

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