Thursday, July 01, 2010

J. Christian Adams alleges corruption at DOJ.

Megyn Kelly just completed part 2 of his interview with J. Christian Adams, a former attorney at the Department of Justice (see my blog on Part 1 here and watch both interviews below) who helped prosecute the case against New Black Panther members who threatened and intimidated white voters to keep them from voting against Barack Obama.

In part 2 Adams says that Tom Perez, the Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division gave sworn testimony saying that the facts and the law did not support the case. Adams said that this was false testimony and that he had personally met with Perez beforehand and told him that the testimony he was about to give under oath was simply not true. Perez gave the testimony anyway.

Adams says the attorneys at DOJ have been ordered not to talk about any of this.

Perez issued a statement saying that reasonable people can disagree on issues but in the interview, Adams says that reasonable people do not disagree that uniformed men carrying a weapon any uttering racial slurs in front of a polling booth is a violation of Civil Rights law.

The White House has responded to Adams' allegations saying that Adams is a conservative with an agenda (there you have it: if you are conservative, you are guilty. Period). Adams said that he had supported both Democrats and Republicans in the past. He said he did not have an agenda other than the truth.

Adams listed numerous statements made by the Department of Justice on this case that have proven to be factually false.

Adams later discovered that Attorney General Eric Holder had also been briefed on this case.

After her interview with Adams, Meghan Kelly then played an interview she had with renowned civil rights attorney, Bartle Bull, a lifetime Democrat who once served as New York campaign manager for both Robert Kennedy and Jimmy Carter.

Mr. Bull said the fact is that Adams is trying to support the law and for the first time in our
lifetime, the power of the administration was protecting abusers of the law rather than voters. He said that Robert Kennedy did not die to protect uniformed, armed thugs attempting to keep people from voting.

Mr. Bull said the next election could be very dangerous because the message has been sent to ACORN that they can get away with voter intimidation. He also said that he believes Obama has violated his oath of office because he is not enforcing the civil rights acts as he is sworn to do.

This is very, very serious stuff. It is not just about racial discrimination and the miscarriage of justice, but it strikes at the very heart of our democracy.

Please take time to view the entire interviews below:

Here is part 2:

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