Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Department of Justice promoting voter fraud?

Megyn Kelly just completed another interview with Department of Justice whistle blower, J. Christian Adam

In the 90's a law was passed, known as "Motor voter" which required that dead people, illegals, felons and duplicate names be taken off the voting rolls to prevent voter fraud.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly that just aired, Department of Justice whistle blower J. Christian Adams said that the Department of Justice, specifically the Deputy Attorney General, Julie Fernandez, issues a mandate saying that DOJ would not enforce this law.

So the Obama Department of Justice, not only dropped one of the most serious voter fraud cases in American history, now we find that they are actively promoting voter fraud by refusing to enforce a law specifically designed to stop voter fraud.

When our Justice Department is corrupt, America is in big trouble!

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Kevin said...

I joke with my conservative friends that 12 years ago they'd never imagine the day when they pined for a Bill Clinton presidency. If even a sliver of these allegations against Obama and his administration are true Richard Nixon would blush.