Friday, July 30, 2010

Democrats and raw political power

A secret memo was released today showing that Democrats are actively looking for ways in which Barack Obama can grant Amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens without having to go through Congress. Presumably this would eventually feed into a pool of millions of potential Democratic voters.

The Democrats are pushing for "card check" which is when employees vote on whether to become unionized or not. Card check takes away the right of employees to cast secret ballots which makes them subject to intimidation by union thugs. Democrats are in bed with union bosses and assume that the more union workers they have receiving their benefits, the more Democratic votes they can count on.

Accusations of voter and census fraud by organizations like ACORN are numerous (one can only guess at how many instances go unreported or unknown). ACORN is, of course, a lap dog for the Democrats and a valuable resource for increasing Democratic votes.

When the Obama Justice Department refused to punish New Black Panther thugs who were convicted of voter intimidation, the administration send a strong message that future voter intimidation by Leftist thugs may be tolerated as long it increases votes for Democrats.

Making the "rich" carry more and more of the tax burden, while ensuring that a greater and greater percentage of Americans do not pay taxes at all, will eventually make it possible for the majority of Americans--who pay no taxes--to receive more and more "free benefits" at the expense of the rich. This is designed to increase votes for Democrats who promise such giveaways.

For example, making more and more Americans dependent on the Democrats for "free" health care is designed to ensure that those dependent on such free health care--or other such Democratic handouts--continue to vote Democratic.

Now that Democrats control the House, Senate and White House, they plan to use every underhanded trick in the book to ensure that they never again loose that power. If they win Congressional elections this November and have two more years to rig the system, they may very well succeed.

One might almost wonder whether Democrats are engaging in deliberate "Chicago style" strategy to steal future elections. The cynic in me says that Democratic programs are not nearly as much about compassion as they are about raw political power.

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