Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Demands to revoke Fox News licence

Tucker Carlson has exposed the "Journolist," which is essentially a conspiracy of Left wing journalists. First there was the revelation of an attempt during the Obama campaign to smear right wingers as racist for trying to expose Obama's connections with Jeremiah Wright.

Now comes the story about Leftist journalists demanding that the FCC revoke Fox's broadcasting license.

A free press is a crucial part of Democracy. It is what keeps government accountable. When our free press becomes a lap dog of the government and actively seeks to smear and destroy news sources that are detrimental to their "cause", Democracy is in big trouble.

On the other hand, I grew up in the day when ABC, NBC and CBS were all that we had and somehow we survived (though we would have survived much better if Fox had been around to expose the likes of LBJ who, as I understand it, quite literally stole his congressional election through election fraud).

Regardless of whether Fox News is "fair and balanced" or not, at least they give another side to the story and they often reports stories that the government lapdog press won't report at all. We also have the internet.

No wonder the Left wing journalists wanted to shut down Fox, and the Democrats want to regulate talk radio and the internet.

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