Friday, July 23, 2010

CNN, Sherrod and the smearing of Fox

CNN and Shirley Sherrod have been having a field day condemning Andrew Brietbart' and Fox News. I think it is important to note that whatever condemnation may be due to Andrew Brietbart or Fox News, even more condemnation is due to the Obama administration.

Think about it. Rightly or wrongly, journalists--whether Brietbart, or Fox, or CNN, or the New York Times--report the news as it breaks. News, by its very nature is fragmentary and often has to be corrected as more information comes in (which is exactly what Fox did).

Employers, on the other hand, cannot responsibly just fire someone without some kind of due process--and that is exactly what the Obama administration's Department of Agriculture did (in fact, Ms. Sherrod herself insists that she was told the order to fire her came down from the White House).

So are Ms. Sherrod, CNN and other Leftist journalists condemning the Obama administration with the same ferocity as they condemn Fox and Brietbart?

Of course not, and that should tell you a lot about what is really going on here. As Rahm Emanuel says, "never let a serious crisis go to waste."

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