Friday, July 23, 2010

CNN anchors see the need to censor bloggers

In this video, CNN anchors rant against those terrible, anonymous internet bloggers who destroy the reputation of people like Shirley Sharrod. In fact these CNN anchors go so far as to imply that the government should crack down on such bloggers! (I guess Freedom of Speech should only be granted to Leftist journalists).

Speaking of Leftist journalists, isn't it interesting that in this five minute discussion neither of these mainline anchors mentioned 1) the fact than journalists on the anonymous "journolist" conspired to smear conservatives as racists for no other reason than the fact that those conservatives were reporting on Barack Obama's ties to Jeremiah Wright, 2) Leftist journalists on the "journolist" conspired to smear Sarah Palin. 3) According to the "journolist" Left wing journalists actively tried to get the government to pull the broadcasting license for Fox News!

So Leftists tried to censor talk radio with their Orwellian "Fairness Doctrine." Some of them actively tried to get the government to censor Fox News. Now mainstream journalists discuss the need to censor bloggers. Apparently "progressive" is another Orwellian term for "fascist."

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