Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seattle police officer punches girl in the face

KOMO news headline: "Seattle officer punches girl in the face during jaywalking stop." Well, actually he punched this girl in the face after the girl assaulted him.

Some are arguing that he used excessive force. Actually, I don't think he used sufficient force. I think he allowed the resisting arrest to go on way to long.

When she continued resisting arrest after the initial punch, he should have put her down hard, putting an end to her belligerence immediately rather than risk having others come to her aid--or worse--having someone take his gun while he was still preoccupied with trying not to use excessive force.

The officer, however, undoubtedly knew he was being taped and that the liberals in Seattle (the general public, the media, and probably even his own superiors) would be far more concerned with race and political correctness than with the officer's safety.

It doesn't matter what the girls were initially stopped for. The girl was out of control and the officer had to bring things under control (besides, how could he possible know they wouldn't go for his gun)?

If the girls thought they were being improperly detained, that's what the courts are for, but something is seriously sick about a society that excuses people who resist arrest and verbally abuse and assault police officers who are just doing their jobs.

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