Thursday, June 03, 2010

"The Right to Discriminate" by Walter Williams

Walter Williams has written an outstanding article entitled, "The Right to Discriminate."

Frankly, I cringe at his argument that we should have the freedom to discriminate by race. I don't want Americans to have the freedom to discriminate against others based on race or skin color, but Williams makes some outstanding points and I must say, I agree with him.

Some people's thinking on discrimination has become very muddled in recent years. They have seemingly raised "discrimination" to the level of an absolute evil, as if "discrimination" itself was a sin, like greed, theft or murder. The way some people talk, you would think that it was always evil to discriminate against anything. Yet every single American "discriminates" every day.

The first thing we do when we get up in the morning is to choose to wear one thing and discriminate against another. When we go to the store we select some items and discriminate against others. When we elect candidates we discriminate against other candidates.

When people once said they were against discrimination it was a short way of saying they were against discriminating on the basis of race or skin color. Nowadays, it tends to mean they are against discriminating against anything they don't want someone else to discriminate against--and as the list of things they don't want others to discriminate against continues to grow, American's freedom continues to shrink.

I wish everyone in America would read Williams article to at least provide a little clarity of thought on the issues of discrimination and freedom.

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