Wednesday, June 23, 2010

President Obama fires General McCrystal

If you are the commanding general in Afghanistan, and the insanely restrictive rules-of-engagement put in place by your commander-in-chief are getting your men killed, what do you do?

You should go to the commander-in-chief and let them know what their policies are doing (according to Bill Hemmer, they have had six face-to-face meetings together as well as many online conferences).

But if the politics of public relations and political correctness override concerns for American lives, what do you do then?

You could resign your commission in protest and begin a nationwide speaking and writing campaign. The downside is that Obama allies will portray you as a quitter who put American troops in danger by walking out on them.

So what do you do? Do you simply allow the senseless and needless slaughter of your troops to continue under the rationale that a generals job is not to make policy but to carry it out--even if that policy is getting his men killed?

Or, do you arrange to have journalists follow you around and tell them in all honesty exactly how screwed up the civilian leadership of this administration really is. You know, of course, that the President will have no choice but to fire you but it will be a very public firing and may be the only thing that brings media attention to the fact that Barack Obama's insane rules of engagement are getting American sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, nieces and nephews needlessly killed on the battlefield. This is the real issue that needs to be addressed!

Of course I have no idea what General McCrystal was thinking. Maybe he and his aides just had too much to drink and as they say, loose lips sink ships. In this case, the sunken ship is the general's career.

We do, however, know President Obama's reaction: According to the Associated Press as reported by Fox News, General McCrystal has been fired. Obama will make the announcement soon.

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