Saturday, June 26, 2010

Peggy West, Hank Johnson and the Democratic Party

Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West is getting a lot of flack these days for her public statement about how Arizona is not even on the border with Mexico (Arizona Senator Jon Kyle is suggesting that she get a lesson in geography).

Although such ignorance on the part of elected officials is shocking, we really shouldn't be surprised. After all, the Democrats also elected Hank Johnson, a U.S. Representative who thought the island of Guam might tip over if too much weight was place on one side! They even elected a President who thought the U.S. had more than 57 states!

In all seriousness, however, the real shocker is that Democrats actually seem to think:

that we can get out of an economic crisis by going further and further in debt,

that we can appease Jihadists by bowing and apologizing to them,

that we should conduct environmental impact studies before building barriers to keep oil from coming onshore.

that it is not not too much government regulation to control talk radio but it is too much government regulation to prevent the slaughter of unborn children

that we should use our public schools to promote sexual behaviors that cause horrible deaths from AIDS.

that we should trade the best healthcare system in the world for the broken down socialized wrecks found in Canada or Britain

that union members should be denied the right to a private vote

that bad spending decisions by individuals and corporations should be rewarded by receiving money from taxpayers,

that we should waste taxpayers money to sue a state whose new immigration law is actually less invasive than the federal law the federal government refuses to enforce,
All of this is now beginning to be a little more understandable in light of the Peggy Wests and Hank Johnsons in the Democratic party.

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