Thursday, June 03, 2010

Obama to Larry King: the loss of life was unnecessary

Tonight President Obama will tell Larry King that the loss of life was unnecessary when the flotilla attempted to run the Israeli blockade.

He is right.

If the flotilla had not tried to run the blockade, no one would have died.

If those on the ship on which the deaths occurred had not viciously attacked the Israelis forcing them to defend their own lives, no one would have died.

If the ship had followed Israeli instructions to proceed toward the designated port where the humanitarian supplies would have been off loaded and transported to Gaza--no one would have died.

But I doubt this is what our President had in mind.

This entire incident had little, if anything, to do with humanitarian aid. It had everything to do with breaking the blockade so Iran and other Muslim terrorists can ship more weapons--and more powerful, sophisticated weapons--than they have been able to smuggle into the country from Egypt. It is about the destruction of Israel.

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