Saturday, June 12, 2010

North Korea threatens war--again

North Korea just threatened South Korea (again) with an "all-out military strike", this time to take out South Korean loud speakers along the border.

This is just the most recent of several military threats North Korea has made in recent weeks since they sank a South Korean submarine. In all likelihood, North Korea's saber-rattling is just North Korea's way of clamoring for attention in an attempt to extract further concessions from the West.

I know next to nothing about foreign affairs, but I can't help wondering whether there is a small chance this may be more than just saber-rattling. The North Korean economy is so bad that people are starving and their "beloved leader" may conclude that war is the only solution--whether as a means of diverting the attention of starving people from their horrendous government, or in a desperate attempt to rob South Korea of resources, or, more likely, as yet another attempt to extract concessions from appeasers in the West.

From a North Korean perspective, what better time? America has a weak, indecisive, appeasing President who is dependent on a rabid anti-war radical base, and who is overwhelmed with a multitude of crises: a crisis in the economy, a crisis in the Gulf, a crisis between Israel and Gaza, a crisis with the development of nukes in Iran, the need to pull out of Iraq, and a never-ending war in Afghanistan.

North Korea's saber-rattling is probably just that--I haven't read of any buildup on the border--but an attack on South Korea certainly wouldn't shock me at all. After all, North Korea's "beloved leader" is not exactly playing with a full deck.

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