Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Muslim riots in Sweden

Muslims are rioting in Sweden. Someone characterized it as a "war zone." Nothing new about violent Muslim riots. They did it in Paris for weeks on end. Germany, Spain, and Denmark are a few other European countries familiar with Muslim violence.

America should pay particular attention to the growing Muslim presence in Europe. The Ayatolah Khomeini "urged Muslims to move to Europe to claim it for Islam. They have moved there by the millions with that intent" (Nelson Price).

It appears that when their numbers become large enough, they often begin to get violent. This is apparently how they repay the West for its multiculturalism and tolerance.

That is not to say that all Muslims are violent, of course. But it is disturbing that while enormous mobs of Muslims will take to the street at the drop of hat to protest things like offensive cartoons, or to celebrate things like the fall of the Twin Towers, when Muslims commit atrocities like torturing, beheading or blowing up innocent civilians "moderate Muslims" who claim that the terrorists are hijacking their religion, are deafeningly silent.

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