Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Its about behavior, not "orientation"

On OneNewsNow Peter Heck hits the nail on the head! Writing about the recent House of Representatives vote to allow gays to openly serve in the military, and the extraordinary success gay rights activists have had in changing public opinion, Heck writes,
Because of their ceaseless onslaught of propaganda, a majority of Americans (some even within the church) have come to believe in the existence of a group of people whose natural state is "homosexual." We now casually use this terminology, assuming that there are "heterosexuals" and "homosexuals."
When we accept this baseline, we have detached ourselves from rational thinking.
Heck goes on to write,
Yet all it would take to undo this fraudulent charade is basic common sense – the greatest enemy of political correctness. So here it is: all sexual behavior – married heterosexual conduct, adulterous heterosexuality, bestiality, necrophilia, homosexuality, pedophilia, coprophilia, polyamory...ALL of it – is chosen behavior. No one is compelled into any sexual conduct. Even those who choose to abide by God's design for sex within the confines of a married, monogamous, man/woman relationship, how, when and if they engage in sexual behavior, is a choice. It has nothing to do with unalterable, unchangeable, immutable characteristics.
Bingo! The issue should not be about someone's "orientation" or even genetic predisposition. The issue is behavior! After all, if the issue is "orientation" or even genetic predisposition why shouldn't people who come to work habitually drunk be protected from being fired (discrimination) on the basis that some think there is a genetic predisposition to alcoholism?

If gay activists are allowed to continue to frame the debate in terms of orientation, one has to wonder how long before pedophiles demand protection form discrimination for their perversion as well.

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