Friday, June 18, 2010

FCC moving to regulate the internet?

According to an article in CNSNews,
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted on Thursday to begin the formal process of bringing the Internet under greater federal control – a move sought by both President Barack Obama and FCC Chairnman Julius Genachowski...
(One commenter identified the FCC as the "Freedom Containment Commission").

Apparently America has just a little too much Freedom of Speech for the Obama administration. If they had their way they would also regulate talk radio.

If the Bush administration had even vaguely hinted at such regulation, the Left would be (rightly) outraged. But because it comes from the Democratic Party, they passively ignore it. How can the Left be so blind?

I thought Democrats were supposed to be "liberal." True liberals would be aghast at suggestions about government regulation of radio or internet. The truth is that many of today's "liberals" have more in common with fascism than with true liberalism.

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