Monday, June 21, 2010

Cost of oil rigs shut-down

When the Obama administration ordered a six month shut-down of oil rigs in the Gulf, this not only cost $330 million per month in lost wages, it will also mean a lost of between 8 million and 16 million dollars per day in tax revenue.

This is money BP will not pay for because, after all, it was the Obama administration that shut the rigs down. So the taxpayer gets to pay.

Apparently the amateurs in the White House didn't think about this when they shut down the oil rigs. Elections have consequences and this is what you get when you elect a President whose only administrative experience is running his own campaign.

Of course there is another option: It could be that the Obama administration was so driven by their radical environmental base they just didn't care about the consequences of their decision.

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Kevin said...

I think the administration cares about how they are perceived, they just don't have qualified people who understand both the environmental and economic consequences of their decision.

The administration needs to repeal their decision immediately. Obama needs to set clear priorities: Clean-up The Gulf and protect the local economies. It needs to be abundantly clear that bureaucracy, red tape, and politics does not trump either of these priorities.