Thursday, June 17, 2010

Church kicks lesbian coach out of the league

According to the Associated Press, Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis Tennessee has a softball league in which they allow non-church groups to participate as long as they agree to certain rules like no alcohol, smoking, cursing or public displays of affection, etc.

The church recently kicked out a team--or the coach of that team--because she admitted to being lesbian.

I strongly believe that the church should have the right to associate or not associate with anyone they choose, but it is misguided zealotry like this that gives Christians a bad name! (To use a phrase from Paul: "They have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge).

It would be one thing if this church only allowed church groups to into their league, or if they only allowed professing Christians in their league. But they have apparently opened their league to the general public as long as the teams agree to adhere to certain rules at the games.

As far as I know, the church doesn't kick out coaches if they are drug users, heavy drinkers or even if they are unmarried and living with someone of the opposite sex, as long as they don't take drugs, drink, or exhibit public displays of affection at the games.

So why should they single out this woman just because she is lesbian? She wasn't making out with her lover at the games!

In their effort to be zealous for God this church has damaged the cause of Christ.

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