Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Will the White House denounce S.I.E.U. tactics?

According to Human Events:
Reminiscent of the white-hooded Ku Klux Klan showing up to terrorize families in their homes, the Service Employees International Union (SIEU) and a Chicago group called National Political Action showed up at the Maryland home of Greg Baer, deputy general counsel for corporate affairs at Bank of America last Sunday.

The White House has yet to denounce the muscle flexing by their SEIU buddies whose purpose was to intimidate the senior bank executive and make him an example to all those who might oppose the Democrats’ new finance bill now headed for conference with the House and Senate.
"The White House has yet to denounce" it? I'd like to know if the White House is indirectly behind it! Ku Klux Klan or "Kristallnacht" against Obama enemies? There were 14 busses of lawbreaking prosters invading private property and terrorizing a 14 your old kid! How could this possibly happen? Where were the police?

S.I.E.U. has given enormous amounts of money to Democrats, and the former S.I.E.U. President, Andy Stern, has frequent access to President Obama and "sits on the President's fiscal responsibility commission" (see link below). Not only has S.I.E.U. not condemned this mob, they have defended it!

Journalist Nina Easton lives next door to Mr. Baer and was an eyewitness to S.I.E.U's terrorist tactics.

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