Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Times Square bomber motive

One of the things that drives conservatives like me crazy is the Leftist "blame-America-first" hate speech. Why are we having so much trouble with Islam? It must be America's fault. After all, we stationed marines in Lebanon. We stationed soldiers in Saudi Arabia (at their invitation). We invaded Kuwait (at their invitation). We invaded Iraq. It's all our fault. We were responsible for bringing terrorism to America.

Or so the mindless Leftist drivel goes.

Now, however, Fox News has just reported that the Times Square bomber has revealed his motive for the attempted attack. It was because America is using drones to bomb terrorists in Pakistan.

Let's see. Who is it who is using drones in Pakistan?

Barack Obama--chief of the blame-America-first crowd!

Do you suppose Jeremiah Wright, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Left wing media will now condemn Barack Obama for bringing terrorism to America?

That's about as likely Osama bin Laden apologizing for 911!

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