Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama--yet another broken promise

Here is Obama's version of the most open administration in history (sounds like Nancy Pelosi's most ethical congress in history).
Observers couldn’t help but notice the irony: President Barack Obama on Monday signed the Press Freedom Act, then refused to take any questions from members of the press.

In a broader sense, the event was another demonstration of Obama’s standoffish relationship with the news media — despite his campaign vow of a “transparent” administration.

Obama has not fielded questions at a full-blown press conference since way back on July 22, 2009.

President George H.W. Bush had nearly three press conferences a month. Bill Clinton and Lyndon Johnson convened an average of about two a month, Ronald Reagan had less than one press conference every two months, and Richard Nixon averaged one every seven weeks.
Read the entire article in NewsMax.

This, however, is just the latest in a long line of broken promises.

Obama promised the close Gitmo. It is still open (and we hear very few complaints by the Left).

Obama promised to get us out of Iraq. We are still there (and we hear very few complaints by the Left).

Obama promised to work across the aisle on legislation. That was a joke.

Obama promised to give the public five days to review any legislation. He didn't.

Obama promised to end abuse of no-bid contracts. He didn't

Obama promised not to allow former lobbyists to work on regulations or contracts related to their former employer for two years. He granted waivers.

Obama promised to ban earmarks. The first bill he signed had over 9,000 earmarks!

Obama promised the have the most open administration in history. Yeah, right!

I'm sure the list could go on! In many jobs, the applications make it clear that you can be fired for misrepresenting yourself on the application or interview. Perhaps we need something like that for the those who run for President or Congress.

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