Monday, May 03, 2010

Left wing violence

There is an outstanding article in Big Government today. If you read nothing else this week, please take time to read this short article. Until then, here are a few excerpts:
The Mainstream media (MSM) is currently peddling the Obama Administration myth that patriotic Americans, many of whom have served in our military or who otherwise have an American flag hanging proudly in their front yards, pose a grave threat to our nation’s security. We have seen calls for Republican leaders to denounce Tea-Partiers and other activist groups opposed to Obama’s agenda.

As could be expected, many leftist groups and individuals decided to stage large protests and demonstrations in St. Paul, Minnesota during the 2008 RNC. This is a very American thing to do and is protected by our constitution. However, a group of extreme leftists joined together and called themselves the RNC Welcoming Committee. These individuals set out across the country and used the internet to organize other like-minded individuals and groups to shut the RNC down and they threatened to use “any means necessary.” The organizers showed videos of firebombs being used, handed out maps of “targets,” and went as far as studying the communication systems of law-enforcement and EMS with the stated intention of possibly shutting down such systems.

Reading the accounts, it would be easy to come to the conclusion that the attempted atrocities came from extreme leftists and the more moderate Left had no part in any of it. Right? Well, wrong.

Here is where the more moderate groups participate and contribute to such extremism: As soon as the demonstrations were over and the arrests were made, the more “moderate” Left began to stand behind the extremists. Local law-enforcement and the FBI’s successful efforts to stop violence and protect the Republicans right to assemble began to be portrayed as “government oppression of demonstrators.” The ACLU and the National Lawyers Guild began helping to defend the various radicals who had decided to dehumanize and interfere with the rights of Republicans.


Pipelines are being blown up in Canada, domestic anarchists and other extremists are beginning to glorify their Greek and Italian counter-part’s use of explosives and murder internationally. Many American Far-Left websites are beginning to publish the” communiques” and “how-to” manuals from their foreign “comrades.” Groups such as the SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty) have successfully used violence and threats of violence to bring a company to it’s knees by using violence against shareholders and any company that would work with the target of their aggression.

They blow up oil pipelines? Hmmm, I hope our government keeps this in mind when they investigate the Gulf oil disaster.

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