Friday, May 28, 2010

Defending Obama: But everyone else has done it too!

I just heard Juan Williams defending the administration on the Joe Sestak scandal by saying that administrations have been doing this kind stuff for a long, long time.

I recently heard two high ranking Bush administration officials categorically deny that this went on in the Bush White House but lets imagine that Williams is correct and this criminal activity goes on all the time.

President Obama ran on promises that his administration would be different. His administration would be the most open administration in history. His administration would not be "business as usual." Yet here is Juan Williams (and many others) defending the Obama administration on the basis that they are just doing business as usual.

It is simply not enough to say that this is what has always been done and the Obama administration was just conducting business as usual. If President Obama was really serious about not doing business as usual he would insist that regardless of what other administrations have done, the corruption stops right here, right now!

If Obama is serious about his promises, he will immediately call for an independent investigation and will insist that Rahm Emanuel and other parties involved give their complete cooperation.

Otherwise, all we can conclude is that the Obama administration is at least as corrupt as the administrations they accuse of doing the same thing.

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