Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alistair Begg and Michele Bachmann

This morning, I attended a “pastor’s appreciation breakfast” at which the main speakers were Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Rev. Alistair Begg.

Congresswoman Bachman did not give the standard political faith speech I have heard from other politicians—you know, the speeches in which politicians try to avoid offending anyone by using the word “faith” as a kind of political weasel-word to cover all religious belief systems regardless of how wrong or even heinous they might be. Ms. Bachman was unambiguous and adamant that what America needs above all else is a great awakening to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Begg, a mega-church pastor from Cleveland, preached from Acts 4:1-12. What I got from his message was a strong exhortation to pastors to stop wasting so much time on peripheral issues—which I understood to be things like health, wealth, prosperity, psychobabble, or politically correct social issues—but to grow a backbone and get back to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, i.e. that all have sinned, our sin has separated us from God, and we need to repent and turn to Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord and the only hope for salvation--or face God’s judgment.

Rev. Begg emphasized that preachers are not free to cherry-pick or twist the message of the Bible in an effort to make it conform to modern standards of political correctness. He said such messages are worse than useless. He ended by emphasizing the importance of seizing the privileges of democracy that we now have before they are taken from us.

Both speakers were outstanding!

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