Thursday, April 08, 2010

Those who pay no taxes

Neil Cavuto hit the nail squarely on the head tonight discussing one of the big problems with America. That is that roughly half of Americans do not pay taxes!

When you don't have to pay for something, you don't have to worry about the bill!

Democrats just passed a new and phenomenally expensive health care entitlement program (without even figuring out how to pay for the ones we already have)! Those of us who pay the bill are greatly concerned. Many of those who don't pay the bill really don't care. It doesn't raise their taxes and they may actually benefit from it.

The same thing is true of multitudes of government spending programs. Those who pay no taxes have no horse in the race. They just don't care because someone else is paying the bill! So they keep on voting for corrupt politicians who promise them more and more of other people's money!

Of course this is not true of everyone who pays no taxes. I was once one of them. I doubt that I paid much if any taxes when I was an undergrad student, and when I was in the Air Force I made so little money that I was eligible for the government's "earned income credit." The first year I was eligible, I refused to apply for it and left the spaces blank when I filled out my tax return.

I didn't think it was right for the government to take money from someone else in order to give it to me in the form of "earned income credit." ("Earned Income Credit," by the way, is a rather Orwellian name for a handout, isn't it?)

The IRS caught the "error," figured my "earned income credit," and sent me the check anyway!

Corrupt politicians, of course, love to hand out other people's money because it gets them re-elected!

Nothing is really free, however. Eventually it will all come back to bite even those who don't pay taxes. It will affect them when interest rates go up, when prices go up, when inflation robs their buying power and when higher taxes on "the rich" result in fewer and fewer jobs!

Unfortunately, most of those who don't pay taxes don't seem to understand the connection. Politicians, of course, divert the blame they so richly deserve by demonizing the "rich"--the very ones who pay for all the entitlements and provide the jobs!

Many of the non-taxpayers, therefore, just keep voting for politicians who promise them more and more handouts--with other people's money!

Of course all this is not the fault of those who pay no taxes. It is the fault of the politicians who get people addicted to public handouts--and it is the fault of the people (whether they pay taxes or nor) who elect them!

Just to be clear, I am not arguing against all government assistance. I want my government to help with basic needs for those who cannot help themselves (like, for example, some elderly and disabled people) and I'm willing to help pay for it.

My point is 1) that almost all Americans should pay some taxes--even if the amount is minimal and 2) if the rampant out-of-control government entitlements and spending programs do not stop, it will quite literally destroy America.

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