Saturday, April 17, 2010

Texas school brings back spanking

According to the Washington Post:
In an era when students talk back to teachers, skip class and wear ever-more-risque clothing to school, one central Texas city has hit upon a deceptively simple solution: Bring back the paddle.
All I can say is, it's about time! The Washington Post goes on to say:
Since paddling was brought back to the city's 14 schools by a unanimous board vote in May, behavior at Temple's single high school has changed dramatically, Wright said, even though only one student in the school system has been paddled.
Well, duh!


Anonymous said...

Attention Parents of Unruly Children: Move to Temple Texas! Or just learn from them.

St.Lee said...

I'm thinking there is going to be some real carnage due to the inevitable stampede of ACLU lawyers to Texas to reverse this blatant return to common sense.

Remember: ACLU - All Communist Lawyers Union