Friday, April 02, 2010

Replace Michael Steele!

Recently the Republican National Committee spent $2,000 at a strip club! They held their winter meeting at a beach front hotel in Hawaii. RNC chairman Michael Steele reportedly spent $18,000 decorating his office. Now, the FoxNation blog is reporting:
Listed on the report in the category of "office supplies" are purchases from a New England winery and a Capitol Hill liquor store, as well as more than $3,800 from a Florida clothing store. The category of "meals" also seems to extend to the sartorial, with a $450 purchase from a high-end Manhattan boutique -- one that has no restaurant or take-out shop on the premises -- falling into that category, as listed on the RNC's reports to the FEC. That purchase, as well as one for more than $500 from the Florida clothing store, are attributed to RNC Deputy Finance Director Debbie LeHardy, who, according to the report, was reimbursed for them.
This really reeks! Republicans at the RNC are not as socialist as the Democrats but they are apparently just as out of touch. Why should donors give their hard-earned money to fat-cats who waste it on office decorations, booze and strip clubs? Come November, Americans should not have to choose between corrupt out of touch socialists and corrupt out of touch capitalists.

There needs to be an immediate and substantial shakeup at the RNC--beginning with the replacement of Michael Steele. How about J.C. Watts for RNC chair?

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