Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goldman Sax and Congress

Moments ago on Fox and Friends, screenwriter and novelist Andrew Klavan referred to the Wall Street fat cats from Goldman Sax being grilled by Congress yesterday. Klavan said it was all designed to be a bit like a Frankenstein movie in which Democrats hope the American people will be like the mobs with torches coming out to fight the monster.

Klavan asked, Why isn't the monster Tim Geitner who bailed them out? Why isn't the monster Barack Obama who took a million dollars from them?

Good question.

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Mark said...

The "why not" statements raise the matter of inconsistent behaviors in the masses. The inconsistency stems from taking on a world view divorced of any absolute moral basis that can only come from God - to know right and wrong. Once that is abandoned, we turn to relativity and personal feelings. Once feelings are involved, objectivity is gone. That's why so many, today, resort to name calling tactics instead of addressing the facts. That's why today so many parents defend their children even when it is WRONG. The world of politics has become an extension of family. If you attack my family member - I will defend that person to the death - never mind the facts, thank you. I need to keep this brief so I end it here - but you get the point.