Friday, April 02, 2010

Democrats blaming corporations

The Democrats' new health care program is having an immediate affect--not on health care but on the country's economy!

Its going to cost 3M $90 million dollars. It will cost Caterpillar $100 million dollars. It will cost John Deere $150 million dollars, and it will cost AT&T a billion dollars! It will affect companies all over America.

All of these costs, of course, will have to be passed on to you, the consumer, and/or absorbed in the way of layoffs leading to higher unemployment.

The Democrats, of course, are blaming the companies for being irresponsible and just wanting to embarrass the President. But the companies are just following government (SEC) rules!

The plot thickens, however. The Democrats knew this was going to happen because several companies informed them of the consequences in writing before Congress passed the health care bill.

It appears as though Obama and the Democrats knew full well that their health care bill would cause this crisis but they went ahead with it anyway. And now that the crisis is here, they divert the blame away from themselves (where it belongs) to the companies!

Read the entire story at CNSNews.

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professor ed said...

To bad none of these companies (to my knowledge) made this information public PRIOR to the bill's passage.