Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The administration fiddles while Arizona burns

We have Congresspeople who ignore the Constitution, and Supreme Court Justices who think the Constitution should be treated as a "living breathing document" (which is not much better than tearing it up). Our own federal government refuses to enforce its own laws, and now an Arizona sheriff refuses to enforce state laws.

Meanwhile the budgets of local schools and hospitals in the Southwest are being stretched beyond the breaking point and the lives of innocent Arizonans are being destroyed by drugs and thugs pouring in from Mexico.

And the administration fiddles while the lives of Arizonans are destroyed.


professor ed said...

Has everybody forgotten about the rancher who was assasinated on his own U.S. ranch by Mexican thugs. Has everybody forgotten about the construction of a barrier authorized by congress for construction along a portion of the U.S. Mexican boarder that has yet to be completed. No wonder Arizona is frustrated. As for the sheriff who is refusing to enforce the law---he should be impeached, recalled, fired, and/or sued. NO LAWMAN hired to carry out the laws of his/her area and/or state, has the legal right to pick and choose what laws will or will not be enforced. Illegal imigration into the U.S. is a serious brreach of national security. ALL viable measures should be used by our states AND the federal government to deal with this "leak". One rancher has been gunned down on his own property. How many more deaths will it take before our President decides that Arizona may have taken a necessary step towar protecting its citizens after all. How many deaths? As Peter, Paul, and Mary used to sing: "The answer my friends is blowing in the wind; the answer is blowing in the wind".

Kevin said...

The solution is for the Federal Government to get off of their fat lazy asses and actually do something useful. The United States' immigration system is evil. It promotes exploitation. It's a political tool. It's a mild-form of slavery; enticing people here with job opportunities, health care at some level, education for their children, citizenship for children born here, and yet keeping them illegal so they're not easily able to use law enforcement or ensured protections while negotiating an employment deal. It is evil!

We need a huge door for hard working people who want a better life for themselves and their families, who value American ideals, to come here and work. And a swift cruel hand for criminals and losers who want to abuse the system.

I just wish we could deport the able-bodied losers and criminals who leach the system... citizens or not.