Saturday, March 06, 2010

Universal health care in Massachusetts

In an article in the Boston Herald, Michael Graham wonders why President Obama never, ever mentions Massachusetts when he discusses universal health care. After all, Massachusetts already has what Obama, Reid and Pelosi want to foist on America.

So how's Romney-care working out for them?
It’s exploding the budget: Our “universal” health insurance scheme is already $47 million over budget for 2010. Romneycare will cost taxpayers more than $900 million next year alone.

It’s killing us on costs: Average Massachusetts premiums are the highest in the nation and rising. We also spend 27 percent more on health care services, per capita, than the national average. Those costs, contrary to what we were promised, have been going up faster here than nearly everywhere else.

It’s creating bizarre marketplace mutations: In Massachusetts, ObamaCare 1.0 is such a mess our governor is talking about imposing draconian price controls. He’s even suggested going to “capitation,” a system where doctors get a fixed amount of money per patient - and then that’s it. Which means it would become in your doctor’s financial interest never to see you again.

All this damage to the taxpayers, the insured and the responsible business owners . . . and for what?

The percentage of uninsured Bay State residents has gone from around 6 percent to around 3 percent.

In other words, it’s a dud.

On Fox and Friends this morning, Graham said that in order to pay for this everyone is required to buy health care or face a several hundred dollar fine. The problem is that their health care costs much more than the fine so many people purchase the health care just long enough to get all the expensive procedures and operations done, then they drop the health care and just pay the annual fine leaving everyone else in Massachusetts paying their bills.

If you don't read anything else today, please read "Romneycare model a dud" in the Boston Herald.

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