Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Religious liberty dies in DC

A few years ago a Catholic charity in Massachusetts had to close their doors because of a law that required adoption agencies to adopt to same-sex couples. Now Catholic Charities in Washington DC has had to deny benefits to the spouses of all new employees because of a new law requiring employers to provide benefits to same-sex couples.

Secularists, of course, are demonizing the Catholic Church over this. What the secularists do not understand is that the Catholic Church simply cannot provide support for a behavior that is sinful.

Secularists do not have to agree with the Church, but if they truly believed in tolerance, they could provide a religious exemption. To pass laws that force the Church to violate deeply held religious convictions is tyranny and a violation of our Constitutional protection of Freedom of Religion.

If you read only on article today, please read "Gay Marriage vs. Religious Freedom."

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