Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Health care bill funds abortion

I just heard an interesting interview with Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak. He says he will not vote for Democrat's medical overhaul because it funds abortion.

When the interviewer, Megyn Kelly, pointed out that some Democrats say the bill does not fund abortion, Stupak cited the actual page number of the bill and said those Democrats were misleading people.

The bill calls for a refundable tax credit for abortion. Democrats just deny that a refundable tax credit constitutes funding of abortion. In other words, they are liars.

Stupak said he has proposed eight different proposals which would remove abortion funding from the bill and all eight have been rejected by the Democratic leadership because they want to fund abortion.

All this just to point out that Christians who support this health care bill, are actively supporting a bill that will take tax payer dollars to destroy thousands of human lives. God have mercy!

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