Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health care bill cost

According to FoxNews, the CBO has just released their latest cost estimate on the Democrats' health care bill. It will cost 940 billion dollars over ten years.

That comes to 7.83 billion dollars per month. Every month! And by the way, that doesn't mean health care is paid for after ten years. The cost will only go up.

Of course this estimate is based on the figures given to the CBO by the Democrats, based on certain assumptions, for example, cutting Medicare by a half-trillion dollars!

You also have to remember that its not like we have a health economy and are trying to figure out how best to spend our surplus! The national debt is already over 12 trillion dollars!

If I didn't know better, I'd think the Democratic Congress is controlled by a bunch of spoiled rotten children who are so filthy rich they have been always able to buy absolutely anything they have ever wanted. They sound like people who have never had to budget a dime in their lives and honestly do not know what it means to not be able to afford something.

There are ways of improving American's health care coverage without bankrupting the government or strapping our children and grandchildren with back-breaking debt.


Kevin said...

Unfortunately your math is off by an order of magnitude. It's $7.83 billion every month for $940 billion over ten years.

There are somewhere around 208 million eligible voters. So if they shoulder this tax burden that's about
$37.64 per eligible voter per month to cover this program.

$783 million would have only come out to about $3.76 a voter (I might pay that to get the politicians to shut up.)

$940 bln / 10 years
$94 bln every year / 12 months
$7.83 bln each month / 208 mln voters
$37.64 per voter per month

Dennis said...


Your're right about the math. I made the correction. Thanks!

There were only about 168 million registered voters in the last election, though, which would come to about $47 per person or $94 per couple. (Does this $94 per month also cover people like me and my wife who already have health insurance?

Of course, there are millions of registered voters who simply could not pay the extra $94 per couple, per month--which is why some of them don't have health insurance in the first place. That presumably means the rest of us get to pick up the bill.

Frankly, I don't mind picking up the bill for those who cannot work due to mental incapacity or physical disability. I don't mind picking up the bill for those who are underemployed or temporarily unemployed. But I do not want to pick up the bill for those who will not work or to cover things like abortions, breast augmentations, hair transplants, botox injections, or any other procedure that some special interest group may succeed in getting covered.

IF there were to be a government option, it should be a bare bones, humanitarian, emergency type of coverage designed to cover serious or emergency health problems only.

This would keep working Americans from funding anything from hangnails to tummy tucks, but may also encourage people to work to purchase insurance that would provide more adequate coverage.

But I think there are other more free market solutions besides getting the government directly involved. The Republicans have proposed several such options but socialist Democrats have rejected all of them and then pretend they don't exist.