Monday, February 08, 2010

The second coming of Nazi Germany

Iran constantly spews venomous hatred towards the West in general and Israel in particular, and regularly threatens the very existence of the latter all the while sending massive amounts of arms to Hamas and Hezbollah in preparation for their goal.

Iran has tested numerous short/medium range missiles and are working feverishly toward developing nuclear weapons (According to AFP, Ahmadinejad just announced that Iran will now work on enrichment of even higher grade uranium).

Iran recently launched a rocket into space, no doubt as the first step toward the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver their WMD.

And this morning, the Telegraph.UK has revealed that "Iran has begun making 'advanced' unmanned drones capable of carrying out 'assaults with high precision." Not only that, but Reuters is reporting that "Iran will soon unveil a domestically-made air defence system with at least the same capability as Russia's S-300 anti-aircraft hardware..."

We are watching a soon-to-be-nuclear version of Nazi Germany arise before our very eyes all the while the Obama administration pursues a program of appeasement that would have made Chamberlain proud!

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