Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Amy Bishop: "Obsessed' with President Obama"

Amy Bishop is the Alabama neurobiology professor who "opened fire on six colleagues in a faculty meeting" in Huntsville, Alabama recently.

According to the Boston Herald, a "family source" described her as "a far-left political extremist who was 'obsessed' with President Obama."

Perhaps the Obama administration should now begin an investigation of all far-left loonies who are obsessed with Obama. I mean, if the Obama administration is going to investigate pro-life groups simply because a few radical right-wing loonies shot abortion doctors, shouldn't they also investigate radical left-wing loonies too. After all, as I understand it, this left-wing loony shot almost as many people in one incident as all the abortion doctors killed by right-wing loonies in the last ten years put together!


professor ed said...

I am shocked, utterly shocked! A far left loon coming out of Taxachusetts! From another angle, I saw a blog yesterday that blamed the whole concept of tenure. If all tenure/tenure tracks ceased to exist this sort of thing would not happen. I pointed out to the blogger that the professor, according to various news sources, possibly had some serious psychological pro psychological baggage (such as possibly killing her brother?) and that the failure to obtain tenure just triggered her "problems" all over again. But said blogger would not budge. He contended that his taxes should not go to support such tenured folk as Ward Churchill. I realized, at this pointm, I was dealing with a closed mind.

Dennis said...

Professor ed.

We could also propose a theory that the faculty meetings were the cause.

As one who has attended faculty meetings for more than 25 years, I can attest that some faculty meetings are enough to drive anyone insane (as a fellow academician, I suspect you can relate).

But that is no excuse to kill one's fellow faculty members who are also suffering :-)