Friday, February 19, 2010

ACLU fighting against academic freedom

How is it that the American Civil Liberties Union is working against academic freedom and seeking to censor a college professor? Where do the civil liberties come in? Shouldn't academic freedom be something the ACLU would support?

It is hard to avoid concluding that the ACLU is really not about civil liberties as much as it is about advancing their own ideological (usually anti-Christian) agendas.

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professor ed said...

"School officials have said they have an obligation to protect students from what an ACLU attorney describes as "religious indoctrination and anti-gay bias." The ACLU has sent a letter to college administrators requesting an explanation of how they plan to address the problem."
While I have heard/read of cases of students in a K-6 "needing to be protected" from some topics, I hardly think that higher education should fall under this "protection" need. Good grief, I don't recall the ACLU getting all worked up over some of the concepts to which I was exposed back in the late 1960 higher ed. classrooms. Yes, I agree, this is a case of academic freedom under fire; not an unusual happening in this time. I wonder if the AAUP is looking into this case?