Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why LGF is no longer conservative

Quite some time ago, Recliner Commentaries followed and frequently cited a very popular blog known as "Little Green Footballs." Then, suddenly LGF did a 180 degree change in outlook, turning from conservative to radically liberal. The change was puzzling, to say the least.

Then Charles Johnson, the editor of LGF, gave his reasons for the change. His about-face was so complete and his reasons for the change are so absurd, it is hard not to wonder if someone threatened or blackmailed him.

Anyway, Dennis Prager does an excellent job answering the LGF objections to conservatives point by point. Well worth reading, even if you've never heard of Little Green Footballs.


professor ed said...

It is always sad and painful to see somebody go, presumably, voluntarily from the "light" to the "dark".

Dennis said...

Yes, especially when their reasoning is so obviously flawed.