Monday, January 11, 2010

Democrats: Racism and hypocrisy

"Democrats on Sunday rallied to the defense of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from a political firestorm caused by his newly reported remarks during the 2008 presidential campaign describing Barack Obama as "light-skinned" who chose to speak "with no Negro dialect" (FoxNation).

Harry Reid has apologized to President Obama and President Obama has forgiven him. The case should be closed......except for the monumental hypocrisy of the Democrats! Some of the same Democrats who are now rallying around Harry Reid, refused to accept Republican Trent Lott's request for forgiveness when he made what sounding like inappropriate comments (though there is some question about what Lott actually meant by his comments).

For Democrats, it is really not about racism. Racism is merely a club to intimidate and beat their opponents in to silence.

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