Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Why the Left whitewashes Islam

I don't understand it.

The Left attacks any hint of Christianity in public schools, but sits silently by (or even cheers) when Islam is taught in public schools and colleges.

The Left condemns conservative churches for Paul's statement about women keeping silent in the church, and yet they remain silent about the fact that women cannot vote, drive, and are even beaten in some Islamic countries.

The Left condemns Christians for our stance against homosexual marriage, and yet remains silent when gay people are executed in some Islamic countries.

The Left condemns Christians for complaining about age-inappropriate books in public and school libraries, and yet remain relatively silent when publishers and authors are threatened with destruction for producing cartoons or books which put Islam in an unfavorable light.

We could go on, but you get the point.

It doesn't make any sense. Are hard-core leftists insane or are they just stupid?

Finally, someone has come up with a proposed explanation. See the outstanding article by Chuck Hustmyre on Jihad Watch.


St.Lee said...

I have to disagree with the article that you linked to. I think the issue is more deeply seated than that of the left fearing Islam. I think that the left's behavior is due to their hatred of God.

They recognize that the god of Islam is a fable, but they hate Jehovah so much that they are willing to side with a false religion as long as it shows promise of wiping out Christianity. After all, Christianity is a constant reminder of their rebellion against God. I would suggest that the same motivation explains why the left seems to dislike Israel so much.

Dennis said...

As I thought about your response, I started thinking about how some of the same Leftists who hate Paul for telling women to keep silent in the church, are the same ones who hold the so called "lost gospels" in such high esteem, even though those "lost gospels" teach that women must become men in order to be saved, or that being female is a "defect," or an "illness," or “madness.” This position is not due to cowardice on the part of the Left.

So I think you may be right...the issue is deeper than fear.

On the other hand, I think we can both agree that whatever its cause, their positions are often just not rational.