Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The suicide bomber on NCIS: Los Angeles

I was watching one of my new former favorite shows tonight: NCIS: Los Angeles. The NCIS agents were chasing a murderer/bomber, presumed to be a Muslim named Tariq from the Iraq war.

In the end, the agents saved the day, catching the bad guy just before he blew himself and someone else up in a suicide bombing.

The bad guy turned out to be a Christian, a former soldier, who was trying to atone for the sins he had committed in Iraq by blowing himself and someone else up.

The depth of bigotry and ignorance in Hollywood never ceases to amaze me! In this case the bigotry lies in the fact that while suicide bombing is characteristic of only one religion in the world, the writers chose to make the Christian a suicide bomber anyway! After all, it would be politically incorrect to make a Muslim a suicide bomber.

The ignorance lies in the fact that the writers apparently do not even have a kindergarten knowledge of Christianity. Did the writers not understand that the very core of the Christian message is that there is absolutely nothing any of us can do to atone for our sins? It is only the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as applied by faith that atones for sins.

To write a story about a Christian trying to atone for his own sins (by killing himself and murdering someone else, no less!) is about as nonsensical as a story about a Muslim who worships multiple gods!

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