Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Senate abortion amendment rejected

According to the Washington Post's Capitol Briefing, "The Senate narrowly rejected an amendment that would have restricted abortion coverage in the pending health-care bill,"

So in other words, in the Democrats' version of working across the aisle (one of Barack Obama's campaign promises as I recall), it is not enough that we must we keep abortion legal, we will be forced by law to pay for everyone's elective abortions too!

That's the Democrats' version of compromise. They get everything. Their opponents get nothing.


Norma said...

No pro-life person/politician should fall for this amendment nonsense. Of course abortion will be included! Throw the entire bill out and start over. Abortion is the least of the worries.

professor ed said...

I agree. Regardless of what final product is approved by both houses of congress, we can expect additional changes and modifications in the near future. The real important/critical Democrat goal is to get SOMETHING (even if it is somewhat scaled back) into obama's hands for signature. Once the "foundation" is in place the real "building" can commence.