Monday, December 21, 2009

Iran and the future of the West

Roger Chapin has an excellent article on Townhall. If you read only one article this week, this should be the one. Chapin understands what is truly at stake. Here are some excerpts:
Never before in our history has an American president, deliberately and by design, risked our very survival to a maniacal enemy power sworn to remove America from the world. Yet from all appearances, this is exactly what Obama is doing by failing to vigorously oppose Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons.
The reality is that the fanatical, messianically driven radical Iranian zealots will pay any price, including Iran’s virtual obliteration, in order to render the U.S. and its major allies non-players on the world scene. The mullahs expect to emerge from the ruins no longer hindered by the “Great Satan,” free to use their huge oil and gas reserves to fund the imposition of their tyranny throughout the Middle East and beyond.
If we citizenry will not take the bull by the horns and demand a total reversal of our nation’s suicidal course, we could very soon experience the apocalyptic end of the America we love and all western civilization.
Of course most Americans will think this is just fear mongering. After all, America has been here for over 200 years. And just like other mighty world powers--Egypt, Babylon, Rome, the Ottoman Empire, Nazi Germany, the U.S.S.R--nothing bad could ever happen to us.


Siamack said...

Unfortunate last paragraph. Iran has been around for 3000 years and survived all those you listed!

Dennis said...

Unfortunate last paragraph? I'm not sure what you mean. It was intended as sarcasm. Many--if not most--Americans seem to think that America will survive forever, as if there is no need to worry about Iran or anyone else.

Unfortunately, history shows all too well that mighty world powers come and go. My point was that we Americans should not take the nuclear threat from Iran lightly (as Obama is doing).

Iran is really no exception. In ancient history Iran (Persia) was one of the most powerful empires on earth. They were crushed by the Greeks and later also conquered by Arab Muslims. Persia (Iran) has never recovered from their Muslim conquerors.

St.Lee said...

This fits in pretty well with what I was reading in Jeremiah 5 this morning. Hard to read that and not see how it might apply to our nation today.