Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chai Feldblum and freedom of religion

Barack Obama recently nominated Chai Feldblum to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). She represents what must surely be one of the most serious threats to freedom of religion in the history of the nation.
Under Miss Feldblum’s view, a Christian person running a daycare could not refuse to hire a man who dresses as a woman from a job taking care of your kids. You, as the owner of that business, must suppress your religious beliefs, which are again expressly guaranteed by the Constitution, just because you want to work to take care of your family.

The reason Feldblum is so dangerous is because she tries to appear “reasonable” and argues that she understands that religious people have rights, but she believes in the end “homosexual rights” should win out. She said, “While I was initially drawn to the idea of providing an exemption to those enterprises that advertise solely in very limited milieus (such as the bed & breakfast that advertises only on Christian Web sites), I became wary of such an approach as a practical matter….”

Her view of the Constitution demands that you renounce your God publicly if you want to be part of society. But don’t worry, you can still believe whatever you want privately. I guess the next “evolution” of the Constitution is the privatization of the First Amendment.

The article goes on to say,
No matter what your political party, no matter your religion or if you have none at all, we should all be concerned about loosing our most cherished liberties. It is those liberties that lie at the foundation of everything we believe as a nation.
Today Ms. Feldblum took a big step closer to confirmation.

Read the entire article on Townhall.


professor ed said...

I suggest we look even closer at the "belief system" of Feldblum. I am sure somewhere in her catacism of thought one will find her saying that "religion is the opiate of the people". The more I see the people that obama has chosen to surround himself with, the more I fear greatly for the future of this nation.

Dennis said...

I agree with you. It is really pretty scary.