Monday, December 07, 2009

Another ACLU attack on Christianity

The extent to which the ACLU seeks to criminalize Christianity is staggering! A short excerpt appears below but please read the entire article.
During testimony, Michelle Winkler broke down on the witness stand when she described how a coworker sought comfort from her after losing her two-year-old child. The two hid behind a closet door to pray, for fear they would be seen and held in contempt of the court order. Denise Gibson, an elementary teacher for 20 years, testified that order forces her to tell parents she cannot respond if they talk about church or their faith. She may not even respond to an email from a parent if ti contains a Scripture verse or "God bless you." Instead, the District requires her to open a separate email to respond rather than hit "reply," in order to eliminate any trace of religious language.
I've been told from someone who has taught English in China that even Communist China has greater religious freedom than this!

Regardless of the First Amendment, religious freedom is being stripped away in America. If Christians do not take a stand, whatever freedom of religion our children end up with will not be worth the name and our Constitution will not be worth the paper on which it was written.

Sign the Manhattan Declaration and join 265,000 other Christians in drawing a line in the sand.

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professor ed said...

I wish I had the money and time to sue the ACLU for defamation of Christianity. They have carried this Florida situation to an extreme. I am proud to be a signer of the Manhattan Declaration.