Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obama bows to the emperor

Now President Obama bows down before the Emperor of Japan. Doesn't out President understand that this is not Barack Obama, private citizen, showing respect before Japan's emperor. This is the representative head of the United States of America bowing down in symbolic acknowledgment of America's inferiority to Japan!

I've never looked forward to the next election with such eagerness in my entire life!


professor ed said...

Who is advising Obama on protocol--anybody? I continue to hold the OFFICE of the President in high esteem, as for the current occupant I refer to Psalm 109:8 =
Let his days be few; and let another take his office.

Kevin said...

I think this is particularly appropriate... no one in their right mind would actually believe that Barack Obama is subjugating or believes he is subjugating the United States by his gesture (if you believe this, please seek psychological help)... he's trying to win favor. It's very American. We play nice when we want something and when we don't need you any more we forget who you are... look at Afghanastan. We got all hot and bothered about the Taliban, got rid of them, and now can't seem to pull together the troops to finish the job in order to give stability and peace it's best chance. Our attention has shifted. We did the same with the Kurds in Northern Iraq.

America is an untrustworthy, impulsive, and powerful nation. You have to play our game... but man, watch out. We'll smile and tell you wonderful things but if you're of no use to us we'll ignore you as easily as we'd slit your throat (figuratively speaking).

Dennis said...

I don't think anyone believes "Obama is subjugating or believes he is subjugating the United States by his gesture." I do, however, believe that symbolic gestures have meaning (if you don't believe this, I would challenge you to take an American flag to a busy mall and trample on it (be sure your medical insurance is paid up to date). Many of us take just as much offense at the President of the United States bowing before some foreign ruler as we do toward having our flag trampled on.