Wednesday, November 04, 2009

More kids worshiping Obama

Some time ago Recliner Commentaries posted a YouTube video of elementary school children singing the praises of Barack Obama. As it turns out, that one was actually quite tame. In the video below grade school kids look like they are bowing in honor or worship as an Obama speech is being played (though I'm sure the school would say it was just for dramatic effect). Then the kids sing:

Barack Obama there is none higher
Other politicians should call me sire
To burn my kingdom you must use fire
I create change till I retire!

"There is none higher"? Are you kidding me? This sounds like something out of North Korea, Saddam's Iraq or Nazi Germany. But there's more. Breitbart's Big Hollywood blog has posted almost a dozen similar videos.

Can you imagine the absolute--and justifiable--outrage that would have irrupted by Hollywood and the media if public schools had been producing such propaganda in favor of George W. Bush?

Shouldn't all Americans be concerned when government brainwashes our children to sing the praises (literally) of a particular party or leader?

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