Saturday, November 28, 2009

If I were a novelist....

I sometimes wish I were a novelist. I'd like to write a novel about a group of power-hungry elites who want to take over the United States. They know they can't do it by force or even by direct political action, so what can they do?

These elites remember that before World War II, money became worthless in Germany and Germans became so impoverished that they were willing to vote for anyone who would promise to restore their country.

That's it! The elites determine to deliberately torpedo the U.S. economy by sinking the country into such irrecoverable debt that money becomes worthless. Meanwhile, they demonize their enemies and establish policies that make unemployment skyrocket and put U.S. security at such risk that Americans will fall for anyone, anything, any proposal that promises recovery and security....

Naw, forget about it. No one would ever believe it......but I bet it could be a real page turner!

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